Introductory Essay

This, the Second Victoria Student Sculpture Survey, has been curated by robert preston who is a 1996 Graduate Diploma student in sculpture, at the University of Ballarat.

Robert was a member of the original panel of the 3rd year sculpture students, who initiated the 1994 Sculpture survey. Other members of that curatorial panel were Joel Adams Kate Daish, Mathew Higgs and Jess Hutchinson.

Once again the exhibition participants are senior Victorian Sculpter Students engaged at thye year 3, Post graduate, Honors and Masters level from all University sculpture courses in Victoria

These are the V.C.A., RMIT, Monash, Caulfield, and Gippsland campuses and the University of Ballarat.

An important occasion, the Survey provides an opportunity to showcase these young sculptors work.

The Survey, Ifeel, does much to contribute to the continuing developement of the sculpture making process making process and encourages spectator interaction with the medium. after all the most enduring images of the evolution and development of human thought are those made by the sculptor.

A grand assertion , I know, but nevertheless true.

"Sculpture" is human experience manifest. The sculptor is the "maker", the manifestor of this experience.

This Survey celebrates the sculptors intent and the diversity of work on view demonstrates a healthy attitude to the "making" process.

An occasion such as this requires the assistance of a great many people. these include Professor david James, Vice Chancellor of the University of Ballarat, not only for his encouragement and support of the School of Art and Sculpture in particular, but especially for his Financial contribution on this occasion.

I would also like to express our gratitude to all the divisions and faculties for the use of the individual exhibition spaces and all the staff members who have supported this event.

The student Union whose contribution to the sculpture studio on this occasion also included adeal of financial support.

Finally, I would like to congratulate Robert Preston and the third year sculpture organisation commitee for their commitment to this exhibition and I would like to express our gratitude to the staff and students from all the participating university, and congratulate all the exhibitors for the very fine works produced.

Adrian Mauriks
Lecturer in Sculpture.