Curators Notes

After the success of the Student Sculpture Survey hosted by Ballarat University in1994, it seemed appropriate to stage another exhibition. Providing a venue where all Victorian Sculpture students have the opportunity to come together and exhibit their work in the one exhibition would seem to be a valuable excersise.

It allows the participants to be introduced to the other practitioners and their work to experience the diversity of sculptural expression produced by people who are at a similar stage of their career. Allowing people from the wider community the opportunity to experience the sculpture of the "next generation" and see the diversity of styles and materials used in the production of three dimensional work by these young practitioners is extremely valuable.

To this end, all the work in this exhibition will be available to be viewed on the internet for the duration of the of the show to allow the greatest possible dissemination of the work into the community. This type of exhibition is invaluable for student and can only grow in stature if held on a regular basis.

We hope that this will become a biannual event and gain wide recognition and support in the future.

Robert Preston